What students have said: 

Imagine getting to spend two and a half hours messing around, laughing and exploring your imagination with a group of amazingly-hilarious individuals. Ah, you’ve stumbled upon Stoke improv
— Siomha McQuinn(Student)
I gained a huge amount personally... Like most people my age, I have been struggling with depression/anxiety for a while now and was on the verge of a panic attack standing outside 3 Great Denmark on the eve of week 1, very close to just going home. A complete wreck, to be honest! Luckily, I “manned-up” and can honestly say that after the seven weeks I’m finally starting to feel like the great person that I can be! So a very sincere thank you from me.
— Cian Ó Faoláin(Graduate)
This class was fun, engaging and super practical. There was great emphasis on teasing out each persons strengths and it was always a really positive environment in which to learn. Kelly was a great coach and mentor, always highlighting the humour and creativity that can be found in the boring everyday to the more out there scenes. I’d highly recommend this class as it has enabled me to have a news sense of perspective in my work and social life, not to mention equipping me a new fun skill-set which I want to enhance and develop further !
— John Whelan (Marketing)
On the back of advice from friends I was told to “try 1 course of Improv” – just a 7 week course and it would really help my confidence – and that was all I signed up for.
I had absolutely no interest in performing in any way, especially not to an audience of more than 2 people!
When the 7 week course was finished Kelly had me 100% hooked on improv.
Every class was made fun, easy and seamless. These classes have improved my confidence, have given me an entirely new hobby and introduced me to a community of the most fun, friendly and welcoming people I have ever met!
The courses, which for what you get is ridiculously cheap, was worth every penny and I would recommend Stoke Improv to anybody and everybody I meet.
Kelly – Thanks a mil for your support. I could not have found a better teacher. Cannot wait for the next level!!
— Matthew Lardner(Insurance broker)
It wasn’t just good for me it was life changing.
— Laura MacNaughton (General Manager, Dublin Dance Festival)
This way of working is simple, powerful, full of heart and a hoot.
— Maeve Houlihan (Lecturer)
It helped me feel much more comfortable and capable in my own skin, more confident in my dealings with others and taught me how to interact with an audience for the mutual benefit of all involved.
— Jonathan Walsh (IT)

Those who have worked with me: 

Working with Kelly is an incredible opportunity for supported development of your communication skills.
— Jame Grace (Artistic Director iO West)
...Kelly’s emphasis on physicality and vocal quality really gets people out of their heads and into their bodies and hearts.
— Craig Cackowski (iO West teacher/actor - Community, Arrested Development)
Experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate, with a steady hand and a delicious wit.
— Aoife Spillane Hinks (Director)
Improvisation is an essential tool in every actor’s arsenal. Kelly’s experience in this field is first rate and I recommend any actor to work with her on long form improvisation.
— David Horan (Writer/Director)

Corporate Trainings:

These trainings made a dramatic difference in how programme presenters used their voices, resulting in more dynamic and effective communication with listeners.
— Grace Wilentz (Intercultural Coordinator with Near FM)
Amazing trainer! It’s easy to follow your speech and connect with what you’re saying.
— Rosilia Cardenas (JCI, Dublin)
Overall, a great experience and I would recommend you.
— Omar Deravidie (JCI, Dublin)



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