Improv Training

In this 8-week course, you will be introduced to the fundamental skills of improvisation: Listening, reacting truthfully, working as a team, comic scene creation, yes-anding and getting in touch with your childlike sense of play. In long form improv, you make scenes up as you go. Long form teaches you to slow down and to pay attention. We learn to trust our team mates to support us where ever the scene goes.


Established by Kelly Shatter in order to bring high quality long-form improvisation training to Dublin and beyond. Stoke improv seeks to teach people how to wake up to the wonderful comedic potential of life. Wake up to  that and you'll soon notice a lighter step, a freedom from the everyday slog and an overall sense of what it is to be alive. Large claims? Yes, but this is what happens when you train in improv! 


Corporate Coaching

Stoke's fast-paced, engaging courses immerse participants in an environment of play.

Custom designed programs cater for the specific needs of the group.  Team building, sales, public speaking, innovative thinking and mindfulness are just some of the areas covered on the course.

Improv Classes

Classes to suit all levels and experience.

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