These techniques are like a gym for the brain.


We use theatre/improv techniques to help people in business with public speaking, team cohesion and communication.

We tailor our sessions to suit your needs.

Benefits of a Stoke Improv Session:

  • Teamwork centred around listening, collaboration and trust

  • Enhanced problem solving and creative thinking

  • Increased confidence around communication skillls

    Testimonials from clients:

In my job as a marketing creative, I regularly take part in group ‘brainstorms’. Kelly’s training has taught me not to second guess myself so much during the collaborative process. I’ve learnt not to get stuck in my own head, instead allowing the ideas to flow more freely. It’s been a real game-changer.
— Dave Coffey (Creative Director@Thinkhouse)
I can’t think of any profession that wouldn’t benefit from this work.
For me, improv has been a great tool to improve my idea generation, my presentation skills and general confidence. It’s unbelievable amounts of fun, a way to let loose and just be silly.

It’s basically like a gym for your brain”
— - Mikey Fleming(Content Lead @ Boys + Girls)
I wanted our Orientation to have a relaxed and playful atmosphere so that our students would connect to each other and ultimately make new friends for the semester. Kelly’s ice breakers did the trick!
— Enda Fitzsimons(Cultural Programmes Coordinator@UCD International)
I was on the verge of a panic attack before the first session. A complete wreck, to be honest! Luckily, I “manned-up” and can honestly say that after seven weeks I’m finally starting to feel like the great person that I can be! So a very sincere thank you from me.
— -Cian (BizOps @LinkedIn)
At The Dublin Academy of Education we take pride in the positive atmosphere of the school. We understand the centrality of the pupil teacher relationship in ensuring the academic success of our pupils. However, we acknowledge that for student to succeed academically they must be afforded an opportunity to develop a sense of belonging - often through making connections which each other- as early as possible. Kelly contributed hugely to the start of the academic year here at The Academy through a workshop designed specifically for our students. The feedback from the students was universally positive. We look forward to having her back to help restart our next academic year if not before then.
— Michael Ruaidhrí Deasy(Principal@The Dublin Academy of Education)