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Improv Courses



Level 1 Course

In this 8-week course, you will be introduced to the fundamental skills of improvisation: Listening, reacting truthfully, working as a team, comic scene creation, yes-anding and getting in touch with your childlike sense of play. In long form improv, you make scenes up as you go. Long form teaches you to slow down and to pay attention.  We learn to trust our team mates to support us where ever the scene goes.

Starts on the Tuesday the 8th of May, Time -  7.15pm - 9.17pm  





Location - No.3 Denmark St Great.






















"It wasn’t just good for me it was life changing." 

-- Laura MacNaughton (O'Reilly Theatre Manager)


Physical Theatre 

In  this course we will focus on the body as the tool for communication. So often we are told to do less, say less but this course will hone in on how. We will use techniques by some masters in this field; physical theatre - Jacques Lecoq, clown - Phillippe Gaulier, narrative story telling - Viola Spolin and viewpoints Anne Bogart. Expect your fitness levels to increase! 



Starts Saturday the 12th of May, Time - 1pm-3pm (open to all Levels with some experience) 


"Go deeper, follow the fun, be specific, find clarity, take comedy seriously, take your time, be authentic, be kinder to yourself and to others. I learnt all of this from Kelly’s advanced classes - and much more!"

 -- Camille Lucy Ross (actor/writer/comedian)


Level 3 Course

In Level 3, the students work on creating more in depth, more honest compelling characters. We also look at theme in a more rigorous way. The forms The Dining Room and The Armando are introduced. 

The students are now ready to ask "What is the point of view of our show?" "Can we comment on the world in some way through this show?" 

Starts on the Wednesday the 9th of May, Time -  7.15pm - 9.17pm