Corporate Training & Workshops

Stoke provides fast-paced, engaging courses to companies where participants are immersed in an environment of play. Programs are custom designed to suit the needs of the specific group. 

We cover team building, sales, public speaking, innovative thinking and mindfulness.

Stoke inspires employees to become the best possible version of themselves while injecting a new perspective into daily life. 

Benefits of a Stoke Improv Session:

  • Increased energy and relief from daily stress

  • Teamwork centred around listening, collaboration and trust

  • Enhanced problem solving and creative thinking

  • Increased confidence around communication skills

  • Transformed performance through greater sense of employee satisfaction .We work to create profound changes in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere.

Testimonials from previous clients:

In my job as a marketing creative, I regularly take part in group ‘brainstorms’. Kelly’s training has taught me not to second guess myself so much during the collaborative process. I’ve learnt not to get stuck in my own head, instead allowing the ideas to flow more freely. It’s been a real game-changer.
— Dave Coffey (Thinkhouse)
These trainings made a dramatic difference in how programme presenters used their voices, resulting in more dynamic and effective communication with listeners.
— Grace Wilentz (former Intercultural Coordinator with Near FM)