Stoke Imrpov

You don't know who you are until you've pretended to be someone else. Stoke improv is a discovery through comedy. The laughing cure to procrastination and self doubt.

 Established by Kelly Shatter in order to bring high quality long-form improvisation training to Dublin and beyond. Stoke improv seeks to teach people how to wake up to the wonderful comedic potential of life. Wake up to  that and you'll soon notice a lighter step, a freedom from the everyday slog and an overall sense of what it is to be alive. Large claims? Yes, but this is what happens when you train in improv! 

Kelly is an educator,writer and performer with ten years of teaching experience. She has taught all over Ireland and abroad. She is an alumna of the world-famous Comedy Theatre, iO West LA (formally ImprovOlympic) Other alumni include Tina Fey, Amy Phohler and Mike Myers. Kelly co-wrote/directed Big Bobby. Little Bobby(Winner of First Fortnight at the Dublin Fringe Festival). Kelly is co creator and co-star of the comedy series Long Dark Twenties.