What is Long Form Improv?

This style of improv is centered around creating scenes inspired by the audience's suggestion. These scenes are comic in nature and can interweave to form a full 25-40 minute show. In long form improv we look for patterns of comic play instead of a quick slap-stick joke. We learn to look for connections and truth, this truth inevitably leads us to something comic yet sincere and tender. 

Why improv? 

  • Live in the moment. 
  • Have more fun.
  • Increase your listening skills. 
  • Be kinder to yourself and others.
  • Let yourself fail. 
  • Increase your imagination and as a result your problem solving. 
  • Be more confident; in speeches, presentations, public speaking. 


Who is improv suitable for? 

Improv is suitable for adults who are interested in growing their imaginations and being a part of a community. So far Stoke students have been comedians, actors, doctors, writers, directors, insurance brokers, farmers, accountants, lecturers, psychologists, IT workers, advertising agents. Etc, etc...